We scan handle all your suspension needs.  Whether you need new springs and shocks, or are looking for a full air ride, we can handle it!  4 link, c-notch, raising, lowering, yep.  We can do it all.



While we do all kinds of exhaust work, custom Lake Pipes are our specialty.  We can make any length polished stainless lakes.  Straight cut, slash, or capped off.  But don't fret, we can also make headers, run duals, or swap mufflers, 


We specialize in car customizing, welding, maintenance, repair, accessories, and entertainment.  Focusing on pre 1965 cars and trucks.



From rocker patches, to frenching headlights, we have you covered.  We can add scoops, shave handles, french antennas, or just fix a bit of rust.



We are proud to sell and install Rebel Wiring.  Whether you need a full harness from headlights to tail lights, or just updating from a generator to an alternator, we do it all. From power everything street rod, to bare bones hot rod.  



W7947 Haberkorn Dr. Lamartine, Wisconsin


7am – 8pm M-F
Closed Weekends